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Who was George Templeton Strong?

George Templeton Strong (born 1820) was a real estate attorney in New York City. It is rather an understatement to say he moved in high social circles. Basically, he knew everybody rich or important in NYC. For almost 40 years GTS kept a detailed diary. His observations of NYC daily life are astounding. His diary (volume 3) during the Civil War years has been referred to as 'a foundation document in American history.' American Heritage calls his diary 'a treasure trove for pillaging historians.'

In 1952 the historian Allan Nevins edited the diaries and they were printed in four attractive volumes. Those volumes are now 70 years old. They can occasionally be found for sale, but you can expect to pay $350 for a set or you can just download these PDF versions for free. If you love American history, you just found a new best friend.

If you watched Ken Burns series 'Civil War' you may recall the diaries of GTS were quoted constantly. You are already somewhat familiar with this work.

Some interesting pictures from the life of GTS

Young George Templeton Strong

Photo made in the Matthew Brady Studios

GTS in 1866

This is what a handwritten page looks like. Can you imagine typing 2,250 pages of this?

Often adorned with photos and cartoons

Mrs. GTS

Working with the Sanitary Commission during Civil War.

The Sanitary Commission provided nurses, doctors and medical supplies to wounded soldiers (either side) during the war.
A noble job in any century.

GTS after the war, in 1870.

Niblo's - A favorite watering hole on Broadway.

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